Re: Many Outside Lands Homes Have Asbestos

04/11/19 - posted by ks

Agree this is an important issue. Not only in SF, but in many homes across US, especially built prior to 1970's or so. The building industry, Contractors State License Board, home sellers & buyers, and individually licensed contractors have been dealing with this as a normal part of business, also for years. Not just in walls, but MANY homes have this material in the heating systems/ ductwork, textured surfaces, fireproofing, etc. Known and extensively documented for many years. There are laws and codes in place for removal or encapsulation, and recommendations for these activities........also, disclosure requirements and applicable law regarding realtors and sellers. Whether people follow these laws and regulations, is another issue. Many of us grew up playing in 'those' garages or 'basements' with the furnace ductwork covered with asbestos containing materials.....certainly not a good thing, and we hopefully know better now.

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