Re: Enlighten or Erase? Saving the Depression Era WPA murals at George Washington High School

10/11/19 - posted by Ernie Salomon

I am a graduate of George Washington High School, Class of Spring '53. This mural is historic and is a story of US History, For the school board to want to hide it from view is an attempt to hide history. It cannot be done. Washington owned slaves, so did several of our early presidents. They appear on our money, buildings, monuments and have cities and towns named after them. Do we obliterate all of these?
Do we remove President Wilson, an avid racist, from our $50 bill? American Indians had slaves. Slavery could not have been as easy and lucrative as it was, had blacks on the West Coast of Africa not kidnapped other blacks from the interior for white slave traders waiting in the harbors for their cargo of slaves. We cannot wipe out history, but hopefully learn from it. The GWHS Alumni Association will fight this attempt to wipe out history with a battle in the courts. I ask all former GWHS graduates and people of good will to send a check or use their credit cars to make a contribution, large or small, to fight this un-American decision. Go Eagles!

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