Sunset Weather Predictor

12/31/18 - posted by Holt Macon

My old timer friend who has lived in the San Francisco Sunset District for 60 years had a lot to say about the weather out here speaking about it to me in minute detail for at least an hour yesterday about his careful observations. One prediction he made to me several weeks ago with great confidence has come true. He said to me several times smiling, you wait see and you'll see I'm right.
He said that each year the winds start dying down more and more after the longest day of the year which is June 21st until the shortest day of the year, December 21st, where the winds die down completely and there are almost no winds at all. This is all true except if a storm should come in. And there can still be some winds on regular days but they are much less during this period and cycle down more and more. Then after December 21st, it all begins to change again. The winds start coming back more and more.
He appears to have been right in that the winds seem to have been the worst they have been for the last few months yesterday and this morning.
I asked him yesterday if it is the gravitational forces from the Sun that would cause that. He said that he can't say for sure but that the change to longer days again causes a number of changes to occur with the sun's direction and gravitation being one of them that initiates the change and that it is not just that the days start to get warmer.
When I think about it and the weather out here, there seems to be some truth in what he says but I don't have enough knowledge to explain it.

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