Streetwise: Jingle All the Way by Frank Dunnigan December 2018

12/09/18 - posted by Paul Judge

Frank your December 2018 Streetwise: “Jingle All the Way” knocks it over the left field fence of Seal Stadium and through the uprights of the West end-zone goal post of old Kezar Stadium. Your assembly and thoroughness of detail supply readers the warm texture of memories of those times.

Returning to the harness of school following Labor Day among things my chums and I looked forward to in the 1950s were the annual release of new automobile models from Detroit, a World Series broadcast always in daytime on radio or tv, and the arrival of the Sears & Roebuck Christmas catalog. We relished turning the pages of the toy section taking turns discussing our pick of the items we wished for, the toys we might get and internally calibrating which items we were realistically to find beneath the Christmas Tree. This ‘wish ritual’ also served as a fine distraction from doing homework. Growing older interest took us to other pages including table top HI-Fi’s, outdoor gear, cool sweaters and glimpses through the pages of women’s foundations. Take a gander at 50 years of toys from Sears:

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