Re: Reunion Anyone?

11/13/18 - posted by donald paolino

We had our 50th reunion of the 8th grade class of 1964 at St. Monicas in 2014. It was a 3 day weekend affair. First day was a tour of the school, 2nd night was a dinner, and the 3rd day was a BBQ in Marin county.
I wouldn't have missed it; it was quite enjoyable. Some people I recognized immediately and others I had to ask. Some of us had been together since kindergarten in 1955. There was one girl who I swear has not changed her looks since then! A sad note came when I learned we had lost 12 of that class.
There were two classrooms to accommodate all of us baby boomers back then; not so today.
There have been two follow up reunions in subsequent years which I attended. You really cant do justice to a reunion in one day I think; the 3 day deal was just about right.

All in all, the feeling I kept getting was "is this real?" ;
"is this really happening?" ; kind of a surreal feeling came over me but it was a very pleasant experience.

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