Re: Reunion Anyone?

10/16/18 - posted by Mary-Ann

jb, I'm so glad you had a great time at your 50th! I think the older we get and the longer away from school years the more fun we can have at reunions.

I'm a '49er - graduated in 1949. We had, I believe a 10 year reunion that was fun but not very memorable. The next one was the 35th, and a really a great time was had by everyone - from the chatter as we all left.

Then our 50th was coming up - I had not heard from anyone about reunion plans, so I got in touch with two or three who had been on the reunion committee for the 35th, found out another girl had the same idea and had also called and hosted a first committee meeting. I think we all had a wonderful time catching up with everyone and planning it all out.

At that time, the -'40s - schools had graduating classes in February and June, so we got in touch with some friends from the Feb '49 graduation class and we combined the two. Fortunately Jim Hontalas - (Louie'is) - and his wife, Doris were in that group and they happily took on the job of helping find a venue and then planning the menu!

Although there was a LOT of work to plan out an affair like that, the actual working together and the luncheon meetings made it more fun than work.

Our 50th was wonderful - I can't give you a number on how many came, but it was a full house - a big room at the Airport Marriott. Many stayed overnight and were still getting together there for breakfast.

After it was all over, we got together again and worked on a 55th luncheon at Olympic Clubhouse - and then two and a half years later the committee reunited with spouses or family for a lunch at Fisherman's Wharf.

I would hope your school has an Alumni Ass'n - they can be very helpful in finding people and getting the word out if they send out a newsletter regularly. Having some on the committee who had gone through planning a reunion already was a real bonus. So, keep in touch with friends and join your Alumni Ass'n.

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