Re: New T-Shirt Designs?

08/20/18 - posted by Paul Judge

Tim, hmmm, sounds like a ‘call out’ for a design contest. I still favor my t-shirt of the ‘B’ Street Car on Geary by the old Alexandria Theater and the day time image of old Playland at the Beach but they’ve faded from time and use. Currently I'm wearing a plane gray t-shirt to mimic the thick summer fog. But when the traditional warm fall weather arrives I'll need something iconic, perhaps the likes of a vacant curbside parking spot? Nah, that's too cranky and banal.

Running at the keyboard here are some ideas: A sunset view from Sutro Heights, Grand View or Golden Gate Heights Park? The Twin Peaks Tunnel at West Portal? The Columbarium? The western profile of Sutro Tower (I really don’t care to start a fight about that construction)? The Ingleside Sundial parklet? The second iteration of (A. Sutro’s) Cliff House (which might translate into a popular $$$-maker for the WNP!), Images of old streetcar lines that ran through the Outsidelands? Shipwrecks @ Lands End or the old Mile Rocks Lighthouse? Collage of noteworthy people who grew up in the Outsidelands? The 1950s vintage jets @ Larsen Park? Locomotive 1294 that many climbed on at Fleishhacker Zoo? Greatest photo hits from the OpenSFHistory Collection? A t-shirt w/ a whole It’s-It on the frontside and a nearly eaten It’s-It on the backside (whimsical, but too commercial)?

What ideas can you come up with? Here’s the link to the current WNP Store t-shirt choices, be sure to checkout the neighborhood menu on the left border.

But the deal is, if a new batch of t-shirts does come available, we are all going to have to purchase them to make it worthwhile.

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