Re: Streetwise - Summertime

08/11/18 - posted by W.M.

Crawdads was our name for those "little lobsters" (thanks to the Beverly Hillbillies), and Pine Lake was the best location to catch them in my opinion. Yes, the bait was almost always bacon tied on a string, and usually between the two of us we'd average about 20 caught and released each day. Often I would toss the bait only a couple feet from shore where we could still see them as they made their way toward the bacon and grab it with their claws. Sometimes it was a bit difficult to separate them from the bait due to their firm grasp once we landed them. Then of course came the task of carefully picking them up behind the front legs so as to not get pinched, and put them into the bucket or back into the lake.

I agree, fishing for carp was a blast. I didn't do it nearly as often as crawdad fishing, but when you got one hooked it felt like a whale...hahaha. As I recall, however, there were a whole lot of snags in Pine Lake, and I probably lost more hooks and broken more line than anything. Sometimes I wondered if I hooked into the legendary car (Volkswagen was it?) at the bottom of the lake.

GREAT days and memories.

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