Re: Streetwise - Summertime

08/11/18 - posted by JohnK


Your post revived some old memories of summer in the Sunset.

One summer, with inspiration from Disney’s Tom Sawyer, a group of us decided to build a raft like Tom’s OK it may well have been Huck’s but no matter. We gathered the necessary wood and nailed it up. We were ready for our adventure.

We headed down to the lake at the corner of 38 or 39th and Lincoln. A short walk but enough time to discuss the possibility of alligators in the lake. We had all heard that lucky children parents had allowed them to purchase these creatures from the back of comic books. Our stern and totally unfair parents had not. When the little creatures got a bit large they let them loose in the lakes of GG park or put them down the corner drain.

Upon arriving at the lake no one wanted to back out so we put the raft in the lake pushed it a bit away from the shore and watched it sink like a rock. It was close to shore but was in the mud and under the water. No matter how hard we tried we could not pull it out. After numerous attempts and pretty wet jeans on all of us, we admitted defeat and headed home. Our adventure had come to an end. The only good news is we did not see any alligators. I am sure some poor park employee had to get it out of the lake.

We fished for crawdads in Stow Lake using a ball of flour and water for bait. Not sure why we used that but everyone seemed to know it was the best bait to catch them. I remember we usually caught a few of them.

Great summer memories


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