Re: Streetwise - Summertime

08/10/18 - posted by Paul Judge

Candis, seems to me your reactivated swimming chops almost allows you to play a role in the next "Mission Impossible" movie. Maybe you could play a scene saving 'whatshisface' (the ageless, good looking guy) from drowning.

I blew bubbles, treaded water, and paddled endlessly through summer Red Cross swimming lessons at Rossi Pool and the Letterman pool in the Presidio. Each summer session preceded the family vacation to the Russian River. Whence I dog paddled my way navigating kiddy cove at Rio Nido and Guerneville's Johnson's beach. My swimming capabilities predicated that I could indeed plunk myself into a tire inner tube and kick and paddle to & fro within sight of my elders along the river. Oh the fun had. Plus like Frank and others have written the cherished memory of returning to land waterlogged, the scent of Sea & Ski, drying off on warm sand while anticipating what to order at the snack shack.

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