Re: Streetwise - Summertime

08/08/18 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut

W A Y b a c k, l o o o n g l o o o n g ago, there were free Red Cross swimming lessons for "children" starting somewhere in elementary school, up until what age I'm not sure. (There is something about this posted previously; JoAnne Quinn and I contributed.) I kept plugging away until I could actually swim a pool length, altho life guards told me to stay in the shallow area with the little kids because I made them nervous. My coordination was lousy even at age 12! I never received my "Beginner Certificate" since my bellyflops did not pass the diving requirement.

Fast forward 40+ years: You truly never forget how to: a)Ride a bicycle, or b)Swim! About 20 years ago I went to LA (bad word, I know) to check out a job. I would not have to work there (Praise the Lord!!!!!), let alone live there (Amen!) but my in person presence was required for what turned out to be an interview for what was not quite as a cool job as represented. (They did pay for the round ticket airfare.) There was a very nice pool at the motel (which I also didn't have to pay for), and (after I wiggled into my 1973 2 piece, nonsexy suit (which I still have and haven't worn since--altho I still could: HAHA!) I swam in the pool after about 22 years of nonswimming! You really don't forget how to swim! Ever!

Those swimming lessons were part of my 1956 summer (when I was still homesick, and missed my East Coast friends), 1957, and 1958 summers.

If an enemy ever pushes me off a boat, dock, or bridge, and I'm not tied up/chained/in hardened cement, I'll live again to fight anther again.

Splish Splash! Blub Blub!

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