Re: Earthquake of 1957

09/26/18 - posted by ken l

In my 8/12 comments I forgot to mention:

The next day at work, we found out that fellow workers Adrian Fadin and Herb Luders had driven to Linda Mar to make an equipment survey for the service supply to a new-business customer. They were on the return trip on the old 2-lane coast road along the cliffs in Daly City (later replaced by the Pacifica Freeway), when the quake hit. A land slide came down100 feet in front of them, and another 200 feet behind them, trapping them on the road, 200 feet above the ocean.
A picture of the stranded vehicle taken from an air-craft, was in the next day's newspaper.
With assist, they climbed over the debris field to escape.
The company car was not recovered for many days-until the slides were cleared.

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