West Portal History Pub Crawl

07/19/18 - posted by Tim Dineen - tdineen<at>timandvictor.com

Ah... This is one that could bring back some - very foggy - memories! I wish I could be there to share in the fun!

Every Sunday back when I cooked/bartended at the Riviera Dinner House at 33rd and Taraval, Gracie - the owner - and I would do a West Portal Pub Crawl after our Sunday Brunch.

We'd start at the Philosopher's Club and make our way down the street hitting the Portals, the Forest Hill Club, and then ending up at Batmal's - then, the new kid on the block with the hippest crowd.

It's amazing the amount of alcohol one can consume at 22 years of age and still function. Sorta.

I would be home at my apt at 28th & Sanchez by 6pm - usually fairly wasted - having driven myself home down Clipper Street.

It's amazing that I survived to type this, today!

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