Re: Twin Peaks Tunnel closes f/ 2 months repair work

07/26/18 - posted by l.p.

in the early 80s when i was in my late teens i missed an L owl bus at castro n market, so i (very, very drunk) hopped the cyclone fence that led into the tunnel and walked to west portal

i got it in my head to unscrew (not break) a bunch of light bulbs on the right-hand side of the tunnel - i did this for quite a while but it got boring (and probably started to sober up some) before i got to forest hill

once at forest hill, i noticed what i thought were lights coming from downtown, as if a train was in the tunnel far off

i climbed up off the tracks and waited for the thing to pass

it never came, when i looked it never seemed to be getting closer

i finally decided to continue on to west portal

then, when i can see the lights of west portal in the distance, the thing behind me has clearly sped up and it's gaining on me, i start running, but at some point i realize i can't outrun it, so i climbed into one of those recessed concrete things, curled up, and, resigned to getting busted, mostly closed my eyes

through half-closed eyes i glimpsed one of those pick-up truck road/rail vehicles pass by

it never stopped

i made to west portal, caught the next L owl, and went home

once home, i looked in the mirror and was covered with soot

later a friend suggested the reason the road/rail thing was so slow was because the workers had to screw in all the light bulbs i'd unscrewed

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