Re: Help me locate/identify a few stores

10/15/18 - posted by Tom Roop

Hi Frank, I remember USE on Alemany Blvd. it was a membership store I think $3.00 a year and you received a card and a decal of a Teardrop with a face that they named Genie. The last time I seen one of them decals was on a 54 Mercury around 1980. USE turned into Value Giant around 1966 and at the Alemany Store there was a Service Station that was run by Grand Auto and some friends and I worked there in the summer of 67.... We also went to Tops Department Store in Apparel City on Barneveld St. in the early 60s... Just think Sears & Roebuck has declared bankruptcy , they offered the original mail order shopping back in the 1800's....

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