Re: In Memorium

05/28/18 - posted by Mary-Ann

Thank you, Candis - I'm loving you for your thoughtful and perfect words of remembrance. Although family members served in several wars for our country, no immediates were called to the ultimate sacrifice.

Grandfather Carl Louis Stone served during Spanish=American War and afterward in the Philippines. Buried in the Presidio.

Step-grandfather Louis C. Mosher won Congressional of Honor medal for action in the Philippines. Buried in the Presidio with Honors.

Father Michael J. Susko was injured in a London bombing in World War II - his U.S.Army career ended before he was 40.

Husband Robert A. Orr - not in action during World War !! - served in the Army of Occupation in Japan under Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

Two friends from the neighborhood fought in Korea and came back changed men from their experiences - one never recovered and died too young. We just lost the other in April - he overcame his bad times and lived a long and loving life.

May they all rest in peace now.

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