In Memorium

05/28/18 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut - impressclx<at>

One more time (and again):

Thank you, Veterans, for preserving democracy:

WWI: The (supposedly) War to end All Wars:

"Old" Wars, but I remember (one benefit to having one
of my degrees in history): Revolution; 1812: "Mexican"
Wars; "Indian" Wars; Civil/War Between the States;

Many forgotten elsewhere relatives who fought in these
wars, but who are not forgotten here.

"The War:" which is the one, without further description,
is described as WW II.

Please: Do not forget Korea! It was a miserable mess,
and those fought it should be remembered!

And, so war continues into the 21 Century-more lives
lost. What does hunting and killing humans accomplish?
(I'm waiting...)

War is always dreadfully uncivilized , yet we rejoice in it...Why?

If you have any belief at all ,and if you are able, work/pray/at least think for peace.; Have we not had too much failure otherwise?

{End of sermon! I never heard the call to ministry---and
aren't you all glad?)

Now remember:

Frank Grant, WWII (The War), who posted so faithfully on these pages up to the end.

Charles Grant, also WWII, who also served, and continues to comment on this site.

My father-in-law: Roy Cole Hurlbut, journalist and soldier:
Spanish American War/Philipines and WW I.

My father, Steve Smyk: WWII Merchant Marine.

Many others: Please include their stories here, so
they shall not be forgotten.

PS: We need to defend ourselves from attack. (That's why
it is a shock for other nations to discover we may not want
to be involved in war, but we WILL always defend ourselves from a position of surprising strength!)

Observe Memorial Day how you choose.

Please, however, remember those whose lives were cut
down because they cared more for their country and
others than their own lives. (And, those who had not
choice but to report, live in fear, and be cut down,
because they had no choice.)

No matter who, no matter the circumstances, thank you.

May peace prevail someday.

Thank you all: Here , Gone, and in the Future!

God be with you now and evermore.

Thanks again!

And, isn't it too bad it is necessary...

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