Re: Irving St Memories From a Kid In The Late '60s

11/01/18 - posted by Sandra

I am returning to this site after a long recess. I still hope to find people from
my days at Jefferson. Not today, but I was thinking of sending the group picture of our group at the childcare center at Jefferson. One of my Lincoln friends pointed out to me that some of the boys in the picture did go to Lincoln.

I wandered Irving Street a lot. Loved to shop at Brooks.
Dr. PLATO's office was right by where I cought the 28 bus. Dr. PLATO was my classmate Sondra's father.
Spent a lot of time in the library next to Jefferson. In the day care we took naps in the auditorium.
My teachers were all different from those mentioned.
Ms Decatur was kindergarten. Downs, 5th. Eliot 2nd, not sure I remember the rest.

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