Re: Irving St Memories From a Kid In The Late '60s

07/23/19 - posted by shawn parker

have many recalls of the 60 s 70' 80's in inner sunset
mostly cherished
walking home from the columbus elementary school
goin to the st anne catechcism
playin pickup basketball in the st anne playground (not seen anymore -gates stiill open )
playing strikeouts against the wall at the st anne playground

park and shop across the street

going down to the big rec ball fields playin little league in the
diamond that was near the steps on 7th and lincoln
or latter playing pickup softball on sat am
the diamond was closed due to remote possbiltiy of a collision in outfield of the other ball diamonds
dirinkin at the chelsea pub on 6thand irving
coffee at the owl and the monkey or marigolds on 9th ave

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