Re: Irving St Memories From a Kid In The Late '60s

05/27/18 - posted by Mary-Ann

Hi, Nick,

I have hoped for a long time that the later kids would pick up the stories about growing up out West. I wondered what the kids of the 60s, 70s and 80s were doing during their growing up time - how their school days went - favorite hangouts and ways of passing their free time - what was good and not so good - if their childhood memories of growing up in San Francisco were as precious as ours are to us of earlier times.

Lots of changes came about with the '60s - some good and some not so good. While we had World War II and the Korean War to deal with, you all had the Cold War and Vietnam prominent in your lives. The race to the moon was one of the most positive adventures I can think of. I'd like to hear more from you and others of your generation and later. I hope you have started something!


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