Irving St Memories From a Kid In The Late '60s

05/26/18 - posted by Nick Karels - cochealdsburg<at>

Most here seem to be 10 years older than me.

I lived on 17th Ave from '65 to '71, and went to Jefferson Elementary, and was in the last bunch of students allowed in the old auditorium (for a long time, earthquake stuff) in 1970(?)

Ahh, Irving Street, My Neighborhood.

As far East that I regularly ventured, There was Park N Shop. PnS had a (little) kids playground for the kids to play while their parents shopped. Think they shut that down i 1968 or '69. One thing that they did, believe it or not nowadays, is that they'd let you take their shopping carts HOME, and they had trucks that would come around regularly, and pick up the carts.

Heading West, Tony Reyes' Karate Studio, where I earned my "white belt" (haha), and nextdoor as C & C Market. Not only Park and Shop had ads in the SF Progress, C & C had an ad, too. The ads only ran from Wednesday to Sunday, and, as my grandpa said, "you only buy milk and bread on Monday and Tuesday"

There was another market at the SE corner of 17th and Irving, that close in '68(?), and became a hair studio or something like that.

Crossing 19th, there was Tainter's drugstore, and upstairs, Leon G. Plato, DDS, my dentist. He'd always give us kids this awful tasting sugar-free chewing gum when we'd visit.

Back to Tainter's... On Sundays, the 4 drugstores on Irving took turns being open (Tainter's, Roth's, Carella's, and ???), and had signs in their windows directing us to which one was open on that particular Sunday.

Next to Tainter's was (and still is AFAIK), Handy Delicatessen. Grandpa would buy his beer there, and always bring me back weird candy.. They had Cadbury, but no Nestle, Hershey, or PeterPaul.

I spent the little money I got back then, usually, at Brooks Stationery, MAD Magazinge for 25 cents (cheap!, as printed). They had a toy department up the stairs in back.

Piano Lessons on Fridays, at a studio next to Carella's Pharmacy. Grandpa would give me money for candy after my lesson, and they charged sales tax on candy there back then.

Here's mine, share yours!

BTW: Jefferson School Teachers:
Kindergarten - Mrs Andersen
1st Grade - Roberta Lai
2nd Grade - Josephine Carpignano (sp?)
3rd Grade - Mrs. Wojtalewicz (No sp! she taught us how to spell it)
4th Grade - Mrs Brown

- "Nicky" Karels

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