Re: The Shopping News

05/19/18 - posted by ken l

Norm is right on about the Shopping News square fold. The paper was not as thick as regular papers, and not the heft, so for a manageable throw-the smaller "square".

In 1943, friend Don Mulkeen had a Shopping News route on 40th Avenue between Geary and the Golden Gate Park, four blocks long and about 100 papers. I occasionally helped him and was impressed with his pay envelope containing a $2 bill plus change! Drop-off point of the paper bundles was next to the Fire House at the Geary St.-Point Lobos Y intersection.

Paper bundles were loaded onto his Flexy-Flyer coaster (looked like a snow sled with wheels), and simply coasted down the hill. If I was helping, I walked the opposite side of the street, a real time-saver. (home frontages were 25', but a street crossing and back was an additional 100').

One day he reasoned that the free "throw- away paper" was little used except to line garbage cans and the bottom of bird cages, so doing away with all the labor, he coasted all the way to GG Park and dumped the papers behind the large 5' hedge at the edge of the park. (the hedge was torn out in later years because miscreants hid behind it and assaulted people waiting for the bus)

The next week the route manager told him to not bother coming back. Three people complained of 'non-delivery', and the Park gardening supervisor complained about 'dumping'.

A lesson was learned that 'throw-aways' are valuable to SOME people.

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