Re: The Shopping News

05/18/18 - posted by norm

I had a Shopping News route during my junior high years and early high school years in the mid 1960s. Interesting unlike the Chron you did not have to memorize the houses that got the Shopping News but rather the houses that did not want the paper. Further we were expected to always fold the paper into the Shopping News square. It was like throwing a Frisbee (particularly if you mastered the Shopping News tuck.) Rolling it up or using rubber bands was against policy. Of course, there were thousands of Shopping News issues that managed to find their way to roof tops and garage roofs when the throw was not perfect. Policy said that it had to land smack-dab on the porch.

The head of circulation had the first house on my route (Yerba Buena at Monterey Blvd.), so starting exactly on time was a must. After a year I was promoted to an area supervisor. At first I covered the area on my ten speed (oh the hills of Monterey Heights, Balboa Terrace, and the Woods) and later used my parents' car.

The biggest problem was with carriers who dumped their papers after doing a few houses to make it look like the entire route was done.

The pay was $1.10 per delivery as a carrier and $2.20 as a supervisor. At least we did not have to go begging for quarters like the guys delivery the Progress. As I recall deliveries were on Sat. and Weds.

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