Re: Sunset District in the New Yorker

05/19/18 - posted by norm

Well then...let the story continue. Those of you who had the Y club experience belonged to a frat/sorority type group made up of friends from one's grade and school. You had meetings. You raised money for good causes. The group lasted up to graduation. Now the Beavers, we went through several generations and each new generation was slightly more depraved than the previous one. It was made up of gents from both Lincoln and Lowell, many of whom played on teams, but the common bond was booze, pot, sex, and rock and roll. The group that formed the club told the Y Directors that the name was because they liked the industrious little critter that built dams (can you believe that the Y directors at the Golden West Y fell for that line?). At its zenith the club had the franchise on running Y Dances, and boy did the money roll in by the time the dances were moved into the gym. The Y liked getting its cut, the club liked getting its cut, and the guys who collected the money liked their skim of the profits (paid for cars, etc.). Eventually the City revoked the dance permit. Dang. The chair of the Permit Board said we should be home studying. Talk about an old guy who out of touch with reality. Drink ups on Friday nights (thanks to a little store on the corner of Pine and Buchanan) moved from the dunes (now SI) to Sutro Baths because no cop in his right mind would go down there in the middle of the night. Getting down was this day I do not know how any of us ever got back up to the parking lot. To the group's credit...To this day the Beavers can claim No Felony Convictions. Now that's a legacy to which any group can be proud. Oh yeah, the Y finally closed the group down as it was recruiting the 4th generation. If you ever saw the movie Animal House, you saw a version of the Beavers, only we were younger and slightly more crazy.

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