Re: Sunset District in the New Yorker

05/18/18 - posted by norm

It is not so far from the truth about the area some 50-60 years ago.

One of the few reasons why my buddies and I never got busted for one infraction or another was that every time we got within the grasp of our local members of the Gendarmeriehe it would be that either of the two cops was always someone's cousin. The cops would simply take away our firecrackers, booze, or pot and take whatever we had home for their own use. As we walked away almost every time the sage words would come out from one of their mouths...if you guys are going to do this, please go over to the Richmond precinct...stay out of the Taraval precinct.....not that we listened (until the Beavers Y Club had the really stupid idea that drink-ups should be held at the ruins of Sutro Baths).

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