Sunset District in the New Yorker

05/15/18 - posted by Leif Hatlen - lhatlen<at>

Whenever a national publication mentions the place I grew up, I react and make note of it.

In the April 30, 2018 issue of the New Yorker, there is an article titled Life Sentences by Danna Goodyear which is a profile of the author Rachel Kushner. In the article, Dana Goodyear writes:

“…..she (Rachel Kushner) drew me a map of the Sunset: forty-eight avenues, south of Golden Gate Park, leading down to Ocean Beach. Many life-long San Franciscans, she said, have never even been there. ‘It was decidedly unchic,’ she told me. ‘It’s very wet and foggy out there, all built on sand dunes, no street trees, a bleakness. The housing stock was generic. It was full of girls with big feathered hair who wanted to party and were going to get pregnant by eighteen. Their parents were Irish, from Ireland, and the dads were cops.”

Does this resemble the place we hold near and dear?

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