Re: Elementary School Changes

05/09/18 - posted by Mary-Ann

Lafayette Elementary - June 1943 - I do not remember any special ceremony for graduation from the sixth grade to Presidio Junior High.
And another odd thing, I do not remember very much about the actual graduation ceremony from Washington High School, but the one that stands out in my mind is the graduation from Presidio. I cannot explain why, since those years were some of the best of my life - really happy times with great friends.

Myron, I loved all your rhymes. I had an autograph book, too, with an assortment of signers. One 5th grade girl drew a car and wrote:
"I auto cry, I auto laugh, I auto sign your autograph."

How about: Roses are red, Violets are blue, I can row a boat, Canoe?"

One completely non-rhyme from a boy and my favorite went:
"When you get married and have two twins,
Save me a piece of your wedding cake."

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