The Rajneesh in the Haight

04/03/18 - posted by Christine Miller - Jadite30<at>

Do you remember the Rajneesh from the early 1980's? I distinctly remember the first time I saw some of them walking down Haight Street in their red outfits and beads. When I was in middle school, they were around the Haight, but then they all seemed to disappear to go to a compound in Oregon.
Later on, I had a classmate at George Washington High School who was absorbed into their cult, but he came back from Oregon talking of sex more than anything spiritual.
Over time, I just forgot about them because they stopped making news.
But now, Netflix has put out a documentary about the Rajneesh called Wild, Wild Country and all six episodes are available on demand. I watched it to understand the things I remembered. But, I had no idea of the larger story. Truly jaw dropping stuff. If you remember them, then take the time to watch Wild, Wild Country.

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