Old Campus to New Campus

03/21/18 - posted by Mary-Ann

Was anyone out there who went to SF State College at the old campus while the new campus was being built. This would have been between 1951 and 1955 or later. The school's classes gradually moved from Haight Street out to the Stonestown area as each new facility was finished.

There was bus transportation between the two campuses. Classes were scheduled at a start time 'on the hour' at the old campus and '40 minutes past the hour' at the new campus and it worked out pretty well.

The athletic field was one of the first things done and our football games were now played there, I think by Fall of '51. My first steady boy friend played Center. We never missed a game!

We heard they were building a new swimming pool - something that was lacking at the old campus. A group of us girls got together and signed up for a swimming class just to be the first to swim in the brand new pool. And it was worth it. I had never had swim lessons and was not what you would call a good swimmer, but I learned a lot i that class besides having a good time.

Part of that time the McCarthy hearings were going on. As a result of that, a "Loyalty Oath" was required of all the professors and faculty. Some refused and resigned. Many signed. Some enterprising student got hold of one faculty member's collection of past term papers from former classes and was offering them for sale. Most of us would not go that route - something about integrity.

As time went by after college, I would recognize a few names of grads who were teachers at Washington.

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