Beach Day July 25th 1914

03/16/18 - posted by Joe Reilly - Jreilly1<at>

I grew up in the Sunset, living with my family (1955-1975) at 39th Avenue and Lawton Street.
I recently acquired a silver cup that was apparently a trophy given to the winners of a tug of war that occurred during “Beach Day” on July 25th 1914.

The tug of war teams were from the Fire and Police Departments.

I did find a description of the event in a publication called the Main Sheet, produced by an organization called the “Indoor Yacht Club”, which among other interests was a civic booster organization.

My research is preliminary but Beach Day was, by accounts, a large civic event that began with a parade on Market Street. The effort seems to have been to promote the Ocean Beach area of the City and perhaps generate interest in construction of the sea wall and esplanade.

I plan to do some more research in the local newspapers of the day.

Is anyone familiar with this event?

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