Re: Let's all go to the movies

03/05/18 - posted by Mary-Ann

Nobody has mentioned the years when the Golden Gate had a stage show between the featured movie. There was only one 'not to be missed' show for most of us girls back in the mid '40s. A very young Frank Sinatra came to the Golden Gate stage. It must have been around 1945 or '46. He had not been on his own for very long, but his rise in popularity was spectacular. A good friend from college told me she and a couple of friends cut school to see his show - and saw their picture in the paper the next day. So did her parents. oops!

My older cousin was staying with us and she offered to take me to the show - she wanted to go as much as I did. He was great - sang and sang - and then it was over - NOT...My cousin, Marge decided we would sit through the movie and see the next show. How did we ever get away with it?

I don't remember when the Golden Gate stopped those live shows, but my guess would be shortly after this time.

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