Re: Let's all go to the movies

03/03/18 - posted by W.M.

Thanks PJ. Just to correct the record, Mom never worked in the store. In fact, about the only times she would accompany us kids downtown would be during her shopping trips (Emporium at Christmastime, etc). My sister, brother, and I would visit Dad at work during school breaks/vacations throughout the year. On days when there was a parade on Market St, we would often watch it from Dad's office which is right above the store entrance (you can see the windows right above the awning in the photo). Great times and many wonderful memories from those years.

One more thing I will say is because of my/our early trips to Dad's cigar store, I learned to add multiple numbers, input the total into the old-fashioned cash register, and make the proper change for customers since I was 6 or 7 years old...not to mention how to treat people with courtesy and respect. Many well known people around The City who were regular customers (Cecil Poole as one example), and occasionally other famous people (such as the Three Stooges) would come in when they were in town.

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