Re: Things we no longer see—again

02/12/18 - posted by jb

Thanks JohnK. Very good observation and a curious one at that. Kids today seemed to be named most formally as if they are all destined to some higher level of social status. Rodney Dangerfield does a hilarious riff on how he got his name on you tube should you want a good laugh.

I love nicknames and see them as a term of affection. People I really like and whose name is amenable to one will usually get a moniker from me within a short time. Part of this is also that I am terrible at remembering names and this is not improving with age. I’ve read that this is often due to our strong desire to have others catch our name on first introductions.

If I ran the world, we would all wear informal tags bearing how we preferred to be addressed. I still have my badge from 1966 reading “Hi, you are smiling at John of Playland. I may just go dust it off and see if the style catches on.


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