Re: Time heals all wounds

02/04/18 - posted by Judy Hitzeman

Yesterday I ate lunch in the shadow of the deYoung. The copper, once gleaming, now has a dull finish. While it's not my favorite building in the world, the galleries work well enough and that's the important thing. It being a Saturday, there were throngs of people out and about, none of them recoiling from the sight of the building.

People's outrage about Things Architectural has shifted to the Salesforce tower. I must say it really was a shock to see it when it reached full height, but I'm getting used to it. I'd like to go inside.

I liked Roy Thomas' joke in the original thread about blowing up Candlestick. Now the stadium everyone loved to hate is a nostalgic place in people's minds. Things change, as do people's minds.

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