Recollections of Sunset Scavenger & Golden Gate Scavenger weekly pickups

01/21/18 - posted by Paul Judge

Carl Nolte has a column about a weekly 'pick up' that many in the Western Neighborhoods will remember. One of my weekly household chores was hauling the stinky, full metal garbage can to the curb. From there Stefanelli and his brethren did the rest.
"Leonard Stefanelli started hauling garbage at 19, rose to be 'a boss scavenger,' was a shareholder in Sunset Scavenger at 23, became president of the company at 31, helped overhaul the industry, became a solid waste expert, made some nasty enemies, and got fired after 20 years."
"Garbageman collects respect by transforming trash industry"
By Carl Nolte January 20, 2018

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