December 7, 1941

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One more time: Remember!

Frank Grant always remembered Pearl Harbor on this site. For Frank, it was a major--perhaps *the* major event of his long and honorable life.

Frank is no longer with us.

So. I (very inadequately) remind everyone to remember an event which truly defined western civilization. The only reason you are here today, living a better life that most could not imagine, is because those such as Frank willingly fought a horrible war.

We live in an imperfect world, but it is more perfect directly due to people such as Frank. When we become discouraged, we need to remember people such as Frank believed our lives would be better.

What will we do today to fulfill Frank's purpose?

Thanks, Frank. You are not forgotten.

7 December 1941: Remember...Never Forget: We rose up to defend our nation!

PS: Charles, If you are reading this, I kept my promise: Frank will be remember on this site as long as it exists and I am alive.

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