Re: RIP: Y. A. Tittle

10/19/17 - posted by Mary-Ann Orr

Hey Bo,

I never saw the Giants at Seal Stadium, but did see the Seals play there = after Joe DiMaggio went east, but Dominic was still on the team.

But, I have another rare claim - I made a trip on the Delta Queen of the River Lines to Sacramento and back in 1939. Could that count for a substitute? The company went out of business not long after - fading childhood memories tell me that had something to do with pending war??? We have the Deltas King, restored and docked up here on the Sacramento River.

As for Yelberton Abraham Tittle, I can close my eyes and see that Alley Oop pass of his and Owens' leaping catches, often in the end zone. My daughter had the opportunity of meeting Mr. Owens a few times. She served him at Danny Bunz restaurant in Roseville when the team practiced up here. She was a young, and still is an ardent 49er fan - said Owens was the nicest.

I wish you would take the time to write more often on these pages, Bo - you make for interesting reading.

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