Re: RIP: Y. A. Tittle

10/18/17 - posted by norm

Y.A. was a most decent fellow. i was lucky enough to go to the Y.A. Tittle sports and summer camp for three years running. He was with the kids on a daily basis whether passing footballs or pitching baseballs. One of my best memories was my second year at camp. The year before I was rather lacking as a baseball player, particularly when at the bat. He remembered that. The second year he threw the first pitch of the summer expecting me to once again hit at an air ball...not so. I tagged that sucker as a line drive right back at Y.A. who had to hit the ground to miss having his head taken off. Nice memory... Catching (and dropping) passes from Y. A. Tittle and trying to tackle R. C. Owens when Y. A. threw an "Alley Oop" were great memories indeed. Oh yeah, his daughter was raving hot too.

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