Re: Have a West Side Story?

09/23/17 - posted by Ken Hoyer

I was born in 1951.When my Mom was in the hospital recuperating from my birth, my Dad came by and announced that he had bought house on 48th Ave. My Mom said "way out there?" "Yes, but the air is so clean" replied my Dad.At the time my Folks, my older brother and sister were living in a flat on Clement St. and Arguello. When they raised the rent $10. a month, my Mother thought it was highway robbery told my Father it was time to move out and buy our own house.So we moved to the foggy Sunset with sandy backyards with 6ft. fences we clambered over to get to or friends yards. ( Why they never put in gates).Us and the neighborhood kids would have a menagerie of snakes, lizards,frogs, toads guinea pigs, and chinchillas. Once and awhile, one of them would escape into each others yard. Us and the other boys in the area would build multi layered and under ground forts in our backyards from wood we would find "lying around " construction sites down the street. We were never aloud to go to the beach because of the dangerous undertow that would carry us into the depths like some kind of landshark. We would go anyway and catch hell because we would always come back wet half way up to our knees.We weren't allowed to stay in the house all day so our Mom would kick us out to play and stay out unsupervised as long as we came back when the street lights came on, the lights with the big globe.We lived a few blocks from Golden Gate Park and great place to go during the day. There was no way we would go there at night because we thought because that's when all the killers and deranged weirdos would come out like Michael Jackson's Thriller. We later found that was not true at all..... Ken Hoyer

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