Experience at Cabrillo Elementary

08/14/17 - posted by Lily O'Connell - 17loconnell<at>shcp.edu

I went to kindergarten at Cabrillo Elementary in 2005. I've just graduated high school this year but I'd still like to share my experience there despite it not being too long ago.
My teacher was named Mrs. Rodriguez. She was the meanest teacher Ive ever had. She should be imprisoned. I have several recollections of her abusing my classmates. A boy was fiddling with his shirt and she REMOVED IT in front of the whole class. Later on, to he same boy she forced him to stand on one foot for hours.Not only that, but my parents later on told me she skipped teaching about homosexuality in the curriculum, which I find abhorrent, especially in San Francisco.
Bottom line is, someone please track that woman down, find rest of my class and lets try and press charges on this woman.

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