Re: Stonestown Memories

07/02/17 - posted by Tim Dineen

Memories, indeed! My great-aunts lived in the tower apartments at 335 Buckingham Way - Apt 504.

As kids, we spent a lot of time at the mall and I have now-vague memories of so many stores - wasn't there a place called "Judy's" ?!? And no trip was complete without a stop at Woolworths - usually the only place I could afford to shop.

I was a cook at the Red Chimney circa 1975 doing lunches in the dining room, and then doing dinners at Val's back when Ed Taylor and Jerry Fex first took over Val's. Ed's son, Jeff was the manager - a fun guy and a good guy to work with.

The Chimney had back stairways and exits down to the lower parking lot - the place really was big - with a great kitchen. It was a fun place to work even though Jerry and Ed were both REALLY demanding. Things were done right the first time. End of discussion.

I learned a lot.

I was really bummed to see it go when the mall was redeveloped.

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