Stonestown Memories

06/30/17 - posted by Zuretti Goosby Jr. - zuretti.goosby<at>

Reading the recent piece on Stonestown history brought back a flood of memories for me. Stonestown was an integral part of my San Francisco experience from early 50's through present day. Frank Dunigan's mention of the "Pizza Pups' sticks out strongly in my mind...we loved those tasty treats. We would frequently catch the 'K"streetcar at West Portal just to go to QFI to get that hotdog wrapped in a piece of pizza. Our practice was to get the pizza pup and then go to the Sees candy store - which may be the oldest continuous store in Stonestown. Also, my memory of Bruce Barry and particularly salesperson Mr Buckley sticks out strongly in my mind. Prep was the popular fashion of the day and Mr Buckley, a consummate gentleman, would outfit us and have those clothes altered to fit perfectly. You dont get service like that anymore. I frequented Bruce Barry for many years- especially through high school times at very preppy SI. Lastly, I have to mention Portals to Music(PTM). Lots of memories about buying 45's and albums before the advent of Tower Records. They had a listening booth where you could pre-listen to your vinyl record. My friends and i would frequent that store on many weekends... and occasionally overstay our welcome.

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