Re: Human Be-In

06/06/15 - posted by W.M.


I believe the Trips Festival definitely was a steppingstone in building the counter culture movement, but it was held as part of the famed "acid tests". From my memory (of hearing about it) there was "electric koolaid" available and about 6000 people "sampled" it. Along with that some very important (from a rock show standpoint) experimentation(s) were perfected, the light show and a more high-powered PA system that offered less distortion at increased volume, to name a couple.

The Trips Festival was held in January, 1966 if memory serves me correct and is deeply rooted in the beginnings of the hippie movement, but with 1967 being coined as The Summer Of Love, I don't know if/how it is related to the Human Be-In held at the Polo Fields.

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