Re: Human Be-In

06/12/15 - posted by KevB

It's good that some of us natives were there, darn few though by this particular sampling. I always felt the "Summer of Love" label was all promotion. As Mr. Woods writes in his article, " The media went wild over the Human Be-In". I recall the beginnings on Haight in '65 and '66 up to Jan. '67, wierd yet peaceful and happy. Hippies would buy us beer. The atmosphere stayed weird in '67 but it wasn't always fun or comfortable.
Interesting and informative book: RINGOLEVIO by Emmett Grogan (one of the diggers co founders). I'd call it historical fiction.
Mike D, I wonder where Dennis' cousin Dodge was that day. He was/is often "on the scene and in the right place". I met Abe later at City College.

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