Re: Sugar Plum Restaurant

03/10/15 - posted by jb

Hi Mary-Ann,

Mr. Parker has been with us for many years and reminds me of our cat, Snow Ball, who would disappear for months at a time and then show up like it was just yesterday. As for after-school jobs, I'm not sure what and even if kids now work but it was a necessity measured in pride and paychecks when I was a kid and I just received a catch-up note on Facebook from the kid who shared his paper route with me and let me help in his lawn mo but witht he economy, Iwing business. Consistent with Wayne's well-honed work ethic, he has had two very successful and diverse careers, married for 42 years with a family and now comfortably retired for the past 10 years. If any grass grew under his feet, he'd cut it and collect on Saturday and it was good to hear from him and no surprise he has enjoyed life after Westlake.

I wish I had a handle or even a small grip on the kids of today and am hoping to develop some opportunities to do so via Rotary down here. I hate to say it but with this economy and a few of the past recent set-backs like 2000 and 2009, our generation may be forced to compete for those entry positions just to augment our retirement. Seems way back when, we had baby sitters who ranged from 18-80 but then, everyone seemed so much older.


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