Sugar Plum Restaurant

03/06/15 - posted by shawn parker - ps1337<at>

Have many memories of my time working at the sugar plum restaurant which was located on the corner of California st and locust walking thru the door on a Saturday am a full restaurant serving brunch - gene Washington sitting at one of the booths
bob galliard the usf basketball coach would often have lunch with his new recurits james harday winford boynes bill cartwright they had a very successful program there it was 1977 Joyce Mattea was the manager a very calm and reassuring person - was a busboy I got 15 percent of the waitresses and waiters tips bill helmer was the floor manager slicked back hair - they had a piano bar john was the bartender would bring home monte cristo sandwiches old milly pouring coffee in the back - regina was the head waitress - it opened in the early part of 1977 - recall a man named john Destifano latter saw him at the hotel and restaurant program at ccsf the sugar plun will always be part of my memories

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