Re: The Surf Theatre

12/31/14 - posted by Paul Judge

Yup, The Surf like the Bridge Theater were special places relied upon to see unusual and unique cinema from other lands and imaginations. There are a few other threads about people's experiences of those times here on the message board.
I can’t say that I was sophisticated enough to understand the intent of some of the things I saw but the flavors and tone added to the richness of growing up in cosmopolitan City even way out there in the Avenues.

Hey Gerald Varney, can “Woman in the Sutro Baths” be seen online or elsewhere? Snippets of your film are looped on the video screen at the Lands End Lookout Visitor Center. It appears in the section near the end of the line for Sutro Baths prior to the June 1966 fire. The footage evokes a forlorn sadness of that vast, abandoned building. Coincidentally, it is my understanding that some years back you and an old neighborhood pal of mine, Rudy Funk, had a chance meeting I think in New York City. Rudy related that you discovered that you both almost encountered one another after a film shoot on that fateful last day of the old building.

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