Re: What was it like inside home during '89 quake?

04/12/14 - posted by Tammy A.

No one was home (16th & Balboa) at the time of the quake. Mom was visiting her sister in Fresno, dad and bro were on the Ballpark Special and didn't feel a thing. They had no idea until they got to the Stick and were turned back immediately for a much longer ride home. (I was living in Hayward where there was no power outage.) The only damage to the house was a slight settling of the lath & plaster in the stairway, leading the plaster to buckle out ever-so-slightly, and two of my mom's figurines fell and were beheaded until I repaired them. I believe their power was out for a while, but no more than a day that I recall. Bet bro would remember instantly if I asked him. I managed to talk mom into staying in Fresno for several days extra, giving my guys a nice break!

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