Re: What was it like inside home during '89 quake?

03/14/14 - posted by Karen K

For Steve--the epicenter was not in Felton, but in Aptos deep inside Nisene Marks State Park. That day was VERY HOT (not a "usual thing")--yet. At 5:04 pm loud booms and flying glass (our neighbors across the street front window blew out) Brick chimneys fell up and down our block. Power went out immediately and did not resume until two full days later.We did not know the extent of the damage nor where it centered as our only "beacon" was KSCO radio..and they did not know much either. The Pacific Garden Mall took the brunt of the damages, but Watsonville was also hit very hard due to their extensive older homes with no support to withstand an earthquake. Because schools were closed, the kids "got creative" and tried (and sometimes succeeded) in selling foods which were spoiling due to no refrigeration--to the multitude of cars parked up our entire block as the 76 gas station at the end of our street was the only one open for business in Santa Cruz for the following days. (he had a back up generator) Our 1939 house had cracked walls due to stucco exterior and lath and plaster interior. Our cabinets flung open north to south but not east to west. As this was October, it was dark almost two hours later and then got very cold. Another memory was our phone ringing incessantly from people all over the USA we knew and wanted to know if we were ok. We could not call out, but they could call in (at 6 am, no less!) Our younger daughter still has her t-shirt from Shoppers Corner (grocery store) which depicts Bud Beauregard (original owner) stating "Shaking at Shoppers"!

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