Re: What was it like inside home during '89 quake?

03/10/14 - posted by Dave L.

My job with PG&E offered flex time scheduling, so I arrived as early as 7-7:30 and would leave around 4:30. I had just gotten off of BART at Balboa Park and was walking to my car when the earthquake struck. I was walking up a short, concrete staircase leading to the sidewalk level. A young Chinese couple walking ahead of me were knocked off balance by the first shock, and I caught them both as they were falling in my direction.

I don't recall any other sensation of the earthquake, so I suppose I was on pretty solid ground. The traffic lights were out or blinking all the way home, and it was a slow commute. I had a couple of trophies knocked onto the floor in my apartment, but there was no other sign of damage.

One of my co-workers lived on the ground floor of an apartment house in the Marina. He lost everything when the two upper stories settled onto the lowest, including his brand new pick-up truck. Being single, "everything" consisted mostly of clothes, and he was back on his feet in a few weeks.

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